Fintech leads the way in consumer payments innovation

Beginning with a society where goods were bartered, we moved to a cash-based society, exchanging money for goods and services. But cash is no longer the king – While far from dead, today’s consumers have a plethora of options at their disposal, ranging from mobile payments to crypto currency. And fintech is where it all starts. In this world where … Read More

Artificial Intelligence: How long will it last?

During an interesting talk on the pace of innovation, I came to know that any new technology follows a general trend – The Innovation Sigmoid. A new technology experiences an exponential growth until it reaches a point beyond which the growth slows and ultimately matures. Hence, in due time every technology matures and gets disrupted. Artificial Intelligence, considered as a … Read More

Interview Series: BNP Paribas Wealth Management (CDO Thierry Derungs)

“Hello Thierry, can you tell us about yourself?” Hello, I am a Tech and Digital passionate with over 25 years of experience. I worked at ING for 15 years before joining BNP Paribas in 2009. By 2012, I was appointed as Chief Digital Officer at BNP Paribas Wealth Management. I am in charge of Digital Transformation of the bank as … Read More

Deutsche Bank acquires Quantagious Solutions

Deutsche Bank has acquired Mumbai-based startup Quantiguous Solutions to help build an Open Banking platform connecting corporate clients to third party partners and its global transaction banking franchise. This acquisition is expected to strengthen its Global Transaction Banking franchise. The value of the acquisition was not released. The open banking platform forms the core for developing innovative client applications and … Read More

Crypto: Liquid Venture investment strategy

The frenzy around crypto, fed by extensive media coverage and price surges, has led to a pivotal increase in capital flows into the crypto ecosystem and has led to a significant increase in the number of “crypto funds”. A lot of these funds employ a VC style investment approach with medium to long-term holding periods. These investors aim to gain … Read More

The future of consumer lending

“We’ll probably be the last generation to use the term credit card and debit card…It will probably be debit access or credit access, and it will likely be loaded on to a mobile device.” – John Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo FinTech has been revolutionizing the way an ordinary consumer is making payments. With apps like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google … Read More

Société Générale TechWeek in photos

Twenty FINT Club members participated in the Société Générale TechWeek to learn more about the leading innovations in FinTech. Here are the photos from the event:    

Interview Series : N26 (Director and General Manager – Finance)

About N26 N26 is a digital bank, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, that offers its services throughout most of the Eurozone and is expanding to the US and UK in 2018. The company was founded by Maximilian Tayenthal and Valentin Stalf in 2013. Last month, N26 announced that it had reached 1 million users and that it generates €1 billion in … Read More

“Blockchain, a catalyst for new approaches in insurance” by PwC

With all the hype going on around blockchain, this report published by PwC provides a clear understanding of what blockchain is all about and how it can help industries What is blockchain The report defines Blockchain as a technology that allows data to be stored and exchanged on a peer-to-peer basis (In a P2P network, the “peers” are computer systems … Read More