“Blockchain, a catalyst for new approaches in insurance” by PwC

With all the hype going on around blockchain, this report published by PwC provides a clear understanding of what blockchain is all about and how it can help industries What is blockchain The report defines Blockchain as a technology that allows data to be stored and exchanged on a peer-to-peer basis (In a P2P network, the “peers” are computer systems … Read More

The Kyriba & BlackRock Alliance

Kyriba and BlackRock have announced a strategic partnership which will leverage both firms’ technologies to simplify their client’s cash management. The partnership will help Blackrock simplify the investing process for their clients and broaden the distribution of BlackRock’s cash funds. And Kyriba says that the partnership with Blackrock provides a modern liquidity performance platform that enables Kyriba’s clients to see and the invest their cash. … Read More

Top Fintech Innovators in Europe

The innovation landscape in Finance which was once dominated by huge multinational banks is now being shaped by small agile innovators. Fintech startups threaten to disrupt the traditional business model of big banks leaving them with two choices: embrace the change or become obsolete. KPMG tracked top innovators in Fintech and ranked them based on total capital raised, rate of … Read More